Gas Water Heater – Black and White 10 L

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Electrostar Gas Water Heater (Six-fold Safety).

Control key to protect your children.

Works at low water pressures, increases the longevity of the heater components.

Crackle prevention:
To ensure safety for you and your family, we’ve provided the Electrostar Gas Water Heater with two burners to burn the gas at two different parts before the gas accumulates which causes crackles at ignition.

Protection against sudden rise in temperatures:
Which stops the heater instantly if water temperature rises above 75 degrees.

Protection against burners’ go-outs:
If the burners go out while the heater is on or if they don’t ignite with turning it on, the gas valve closes instantly which prevent any gas leak.

Protection against the accumulation of exhaustion fumes:
The heater stops automatically after 20 minutes of running to protect the heater from accumulation of exhaustion fumes and to allow for fresh air entry.

Attractive and contemporary design that decorates any space.

Six-fold Safety – Works at Low Water pressure – Auto Flame – Digital Screen to Monitor Temperature.