One Door Refrigerator 315 litres

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  • Dimensions: 150 cm × 62 cm × 64 cm
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One Door Refrigerator

Constant cooling and distribution system that reaches every part evenly to keep food fresh all the time.

Complete control over the temperature reaching up to zero degrees in the freezer.

Layers of insulation that seal out air and humidity and keeps coolness inside the refrigerator.

Food stays cool with power cuts up to six hours.

Automatic defrost.

Capacity almost as two refrigerators so you can have the largest storage space without worrying.

Available spare parts.

Lined on the inside with two long-lived electrostatic rust resistant layers.

The biggest storage space in a refrigerator and a freezer, unmatched  in the market.

Eco-friendly refrigerator.

The Biggest Storage Space –  Eco-friendly – Less Electricity Consumption – Works in Extremely Hot Environments – Electrostatic Lining –  Multi-Layered Insulation.