Top Loading – Washing Machine -10.5 KG – Electrostar

Top Loading – Washing Machine -10.5 KG

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Wrinkle prevention: a feature that keeps your clothes wet and wrinkle-free if you stay out late.

A very smart washing machine with the Fuzzy Logic technology that saves up on detergent and electricity.

Magical filters to retain any water sediments which might impair the machine.

Easy access drawer for all types of detergents.

A special drawer for fabric softeners and scent boosters.

Clothes drying system that allows for little drying time in the sun and easier ironing.

Complete safety that prevents you child from changing the program or shutting the machine down while it’s on, and also alerts you through the alarm.

Wrinkle Prevention – Detergent and Water Saver – Child-Safety Lock – Less Electricity Consumption – Sediment Retention Filters.